How BlogEclectic came to be

I am an Eclectic

I am an eclectic person by my very nature. Everything about me is eclectic, eccentric, or both.


I have a habit of acquiring at least 1-3 new hobbies a year, frequently studying other cultures and philosophies, and generally just shaking things up in life on a regular basis to keep things interesting.   


The downside to this is that my interests are constantly shifting along with my moods. Sometimes they shift on a scale of months sometimes on a scale of minutes and it is not really predictable for me.


This often causes me to set things aside for a time to do what I am more passionate about at that moment. And because of this, I wasn’t sure that if I created a topical blog site that I could actually stick with it without getting bored, and my awareness of this trait stopped me from creating a blog for quite a long time. 


That was until I came up with the concept for BlogEclectic.

Re-discovering Blogging

So, blogging and writing, in general, are things that I have been interested in for ages. But, for the longest time, I really didn’t understand what blogging actually was or how it worked.


I had seen articles, videos, and posts touting blogging’s benefits for years, but I still did not really understand what blogging actually was or how to do it and decided on other interests to pursue.


Then the events of 2020 and 2021 happened, and I started taking financial education and financial independence far more seriously than I had ever considered before. I started investing, started an online business, and started pushing for work in my day job to build up my experience and skillsets in areas that I had gained new interests in even though the future prospects of the company were beginning to decline.


As the midpoint of 2021 rolled around I found that I really wanted to add something new to my life and I discovered a combination of new passions that changed my entire outlook on life.


The first passion was one that in hindsight should have been obvious to me for a long time, I discovered a love to write stories, express ideas, and voice opinions. Partly re-discovered through work projects and partly through just wanting to finally put the story’s I create in my head onto a page, I began writing and worldbuilding as a hobby and have become extremely fond of expressing myself through written form.


The second passion was one that came as a surprise to me, as i have always been an introverted person who prefers to stay to myself. That is discovering how much I love to travel and experience new places. After a whole year of doing next to nothing thanks to COVID, i went on my first ever solo road trip vacation, and honestly got hooked by the van-life mentality and began to desperately crave a more free lifestyle.


Two ten thousand mile road trips and a novel no one will ever read later, I found myself coming into the third quarter of 2021 Realizing that even after vacation’s I was completely burnt out on my day job and will need my many passions tied to whatever I do moving forward.


But I still didn’t quite know what I wanted to do yet. I just knew that whatever I do I will always want to create something and that it would need to afford me a lifestyle emphasizing freedom. But that still left me in a Sea of research looking through Youtube social media and blog posts trying to learn how to create the lifestyle I want.


Then I remembered my previous interest in Blogging.

BlogEclectic is born

This is when I started to seriously consider that blogging thing I had heard so much about but I still had so many questions.

What is a blog anyway? How do they make money? Are they sustainable? do you really need a niche? and other similar questions.


Then I had a realization of how often I actually interact with blogs day-to-day and just how much variety they actually have.

Every time I google a news story. Every time I search for a book review. every time I go to look up information about a travel destination. And an infinite number of other examples all end up at blogs.


Finally, I had a solid grasp on what a blog was and it was time to start learning about how to be a blogger. During my research, however, there were a few common themes that came up with blogging that I really wasn’t fond of.


The largest of these is the “pick your niche” advice that popped up over and over and over again and this really set me back.


I did not want to make a website just to talk about one niche and its related topics.


I did not want to be stuck talking about things I am not interested in because they are related to my niche.


I did not want to limit what I talked about or how I talk about it because of audience demographics, culture, or outside influences.


I did not want to build a following unwilling to be accepting of a variety of diverse and evolving content.


So I contemplated for a while before eventually deciding that the best niche for me is actually how eclectic I am and that rather than trying to limit myself that I am best off embracing my true nature and owning being the BlogEclectic.